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JumpUpCave /Dnb:fest WarmUp/ w. Tomoyoshi /Berlin/

18. januára 2019
22 : 00
Nábrežie Arm. Generála L. Svobodu
Bratislava, 811 02 SK
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JumpUpCave /Dnb:fest WarmUp/ w. Tomoyoshi /Berlin/

Jump Up, Dancefloor & Neurofunk Drum&Bass in our Cave

TOMOYOSHI /Japan/Berlin
DCKDST? /Jumpupin2theJungle, BassFactory
Tripologic /RaveCulture Prešov
M – CEE /Nu:dance

start 22.00
entry 6 eur

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– pochádza z Japonska
– s djingom začal v Londýne v roku 2011
– produkcii sa venuje od roku 2013
– v roku 2017 sa s kámošom presídlili do Berlína

Tomoyoshi is DnB DJ/Producer from Japan. He started DJing DnB and Jugle music when he lived in London from 2011 to 2013. Firstly, he was interested in old skool Jungle & 90s Jumpup digging vinyl from record lables such as V, True Playaz, Joker, Dope Dragon, Dread, Ruffneck Ting, Suburban Bass, Kemet Kru, Trouble on Vinyl and many more. He decided to start producing Jump Up DnB Tracks in 2013 and signed with world wide label UK, German, Belgium, US. He also has wide variety of activities, running bass music unit 154TROOPERZ (DJ H.A.L & Tomoyoshi) hand organized party Urban Nature in Tokyo with his friends and in 2017 he moved to Germany to get something new with his sounds. He believ in connection with people from around the world through the music!